About Us

Female founder with baby in colourful dress
OriOrso was created and run by me, Claire, an energetic mother with a love for product development and all things colour.

When I had my daughter, Oriana, in early 2020, I found myself buying and receiving so many beautiful baby clothes. I spent night feeds dreaming up outfits for Ori to brighten up the day ahead. However I quickly realised many of the clothes looked great but were so fiddly to put on (and often keep on) or a nightmare to look after.

I began to look for clothes that would make my life easier and last longer but didn’t compromise on my love for colour and design. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, the product developer in me told me I should create my own, and OriOrso was born!

I’ve spent 9 years developing products in the food, beauty and health categories (and I still do this 3 days a week) but turning my hand to creating a clothing line has been a huge learning curve, not without challenges but with huge amount of enjoyment and self fulfilment too!

I have developed each product with parents and babies front of mind, with the aim of solving life's little problems and saving you precious time. I know first-hand the frustration of trying to wrestle uncooperative limbs into a pair of socks for the 8th time that day when you are trying to get out the house on time... For these moments I hope I can help you :)