5 Parenting Hacks For Keeping Baby Busy!

How many times a day do you think to yourself: ‘I just need 5 minutes to…’
More often than not you don’t get those 5 minutes and you end up hanging the washing up with a baby on your hip, sitting on the toilet with your baby tearing up loo roll or making dinner with your toddler biting your toes.
Here are 5 hacks which may help to distract your baby to give you precious time back in your day!
  1. Fill a box or drawer
Instead of letting your baby choose which drawer to unpack why not create a box to keep them entertained when you need it. Fill a box or empty drawer with old newspaper, random items or colourful objects that they can rip up to their hearts content.
Baby taking clothes out drawer
  1. Save a special toy
Babies love new toys…. For about 5 minutes… So why not save a few toys that they haven’t played with to whip out when you need them. This is a great tip at home or out and about when you need a distraction method fast!
  1. Fill a bag
If like me you find your baby is determined on taking every object out of your  bag at every opportunity then why not fill a spare bag for them. Put in random objects that are baby safe such as a notepad, pencil, old credit cards, baby cutlery, feathers or colourful sensory material.
  1. Kitchen Utensils
Cooking with a baby around can sometimes feel a near impossible task. Why not set up a musical station on the kitchen floor with some pans, wooden spoons and plastic jars filled with rice or pasta as shakers. It may get a little noisy but it will allow you to keep an eye on baby whilst getting on with chopping that onion!
Baby making music on pots
  1. Activity centre 

Baby activity centres that have a seat are fantastic for keeping baby in one spot as they start to get mobile and make your life a little easier.
Don’t be tempted to get rid of these too early – even as babies learn to walk you can use the activity centre to keep them busy (and in the same spot) for 5 minutes.
Top tip is to put the activity centre at the door of the bathroom so you can keep an eye on baby as you take a shower or go to the loo – added entertainment for them and peace of mind for you!
I hope some of my tips will help make your life easier and give you that all important time back to get things done that can often seem impossible with a mini human around.

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Claire x

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