5 gifts not to buy new parents… and 10 useful gifts they will thank you for

5 gifts not to buy new parents… and 10 useful gifts they will thank you for

Are you struggling to find decide on a gift for a new or soon to be parent? It can be hard to know what items new parents actually want and need, and what is just going to take up precious space in a newly crowded household. 


What I would now gift a new parent is probably quite different to what I would have gifted before becoming a mother myself.


With that in mind, I have put together a list of 5 presents that, while well intentioned, aren’t always the best idea. Then, to leave you with plenty of inspiration, I’ve thought of 10 useful and unique gift ideas that I know I would have appreciated as a new parent. 


5 gifts not to buy new parents

1. Flowers

As beautiful as they are, new parents are going to be pretty busy in the first few months of a baby’s life, and adding another thing to keep alive is not going to be much help!

2. Clothes that will be out of season when the baby is of age to wear them

If you opt for clothes, make sure to do a quick calculation to work out what age the baby will be when they fit the clothes.

3. Clothes that are too small on receiving

Similar to above, if you are meeting the new baby at 2 months old then choose clothing that is of a bigger size rather than for ‘new-born’ to make sure they get maximum wear out of your gift.

4. Baby booties 

They look cute and may be great for a photo, but honestly, baby booties just do not stay on babies’ feet (a bit like socks) and will quickly gather dust in the drawer.

5. Cuddly toys 

This may be a personal peeve, but there are only so many cuddly toys one household needs! You can guarantee someone will have given a cuddly toy already, so why not opt for something different.


Now to get onto those useful gifts for new parents that they will actually use!

1. Large water bottle (Go for Chilly's 1.8L)

    As a mum, I have used my Chilly's water bottle every day since giving birth and I can’t leave the house without it. It is the perfect breastfeeding companion, when mums are thirstier than ever before. They will thank you for the extra-large bottle that saves filling a glass every time they sit down or are out and about, plus it keeps the water nice and cold.

     2. Wheat pack (Terrazo printed wheat pack)

    Not enough is said about how gruelling parenting is on the body - from lopsided feeds, lifting, constant rocking and pushing the pram up hills – it really is a daily workout. Microwaveable wheat packs are amazing for those sore muscles that parents often forget about as they prioritise the baby. Put them first with this gift.

     3. Learning toys (LovEvery play Subscription)

    This one is for both the parents and the baby… I will be the first to admit that after having my baby I had no idea what they needed to learn and develop and I found myself googling ‘what’ and ‘how’ I should be helping. This gift is great because it is not likely something a parent has thought about pre birth and it will definitely come in handy. LovEvery kits are subscription based, meaning you receive a new kit at each age range (every 2 months).  

     Colourful baby toys on navy background

    4. Meal vouchers (we love Gousto)

    This may feel like a cop out gift but I can guarantee it will be put to use at a time of need. On those nights when the plan has gone fully out the window, the fridge is empty and sleep exhaustion is entrenched, a meal voucher will be the ultimate saviour!

     5. Clothing (OriOrso for unique, useful babywear)

    Clothes can make great gifts as often parents will choose not to buy before the baby comes. All I would say is, choose wisely, based on what age the baby will be when they fit the item if it’s seasonal and make sure the item is practical! OriOrso items make the perfect gift in this respect – all our items are unique, unisex, seasonless and faff free!

     Baby in colourful check tracksuit

     6. Sensory Muslins (Etta Loves 3 packs)

    Muslins really are the most versatile baby item and you can never have too many! Just a few of their uses:

    • Feeding cloth (for any sicky moments)
    • Doubles as a light blanket
    • Can be used as a sun shade
    • Works as a rug in the park

    Sensory muslins have the added benefit they are patterned in a way the bay will engage and focus which will help develop their vision, coordination and muscles in their neck.

    7. Snack subscription (Go large with The NutriBox)

    As per point 1 and 2, parenting can often feel like a gruelling workout, whether you are breastfeeding or not. The extra tasks in the day, the lack of sleep and the mental load all make for very hungry work that requires big meals and lots of snacks. A snack hamper or snack delivery box will go down a treat in any new parent household.

     SNACK TIME written in snacks

    8. A massage (give choice with a Treatwell gift card)

    A massage is the ultimate gift for a new parent needing some TLC and time alone to recharge. Go one step further and give the gift of childcare when they choose to book the massage, so it’s one less thing to think about!

    9. Pyjamas (Their Nibs)

    Although sleep time is considerably depleted with the arrival of a new baby, the time spent in pyjamas considerably increases! New pyjamas make the perfect gift to make parents feel cared for. Top tip - If you are buying for a breastfeeding parent, make sure to opt for buttons down the front like these ones from Anthropologie

    10. TV subscription 6 months upfront (Disney+ seems hot right now!)

    Hand in hand with an increase in PJ time is an increase in time spent on the sofa binging away the tired hours. A streaming subscription paid upfront can be the perfect gift for new parents who might not think to put their viewing needs first.  


    There you have it - 10 unique, useful gift ideas for new parents that they will really thank you for. I hope you have found some inspiration, and as always, please do drop a message in the comments with any you think we have missed.

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    Claire x

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