5 Outdoor Play Ideas For Kids - That Will Give you 5 Minutes

5 Outdoor Play Ideas For Kids - That Will Give you 5 Minutes

It is a well known fact that when you become a parent your ability to sit down uninterrupted for any length of time almost disappears… If it’s not for the constant pile of washing, snack preparation or tidying then it’s the ongoing cheep from your babe, ‘play with me’! This simple fact of life can often feel exhausting but in my opinion, it gets far worse when the sun comes out and all you want to do is sit and enjoy the rare Scottish event. In my quest to enjoy summer, I have thought hard about outdoor play ideas that will keep the babe entertained and allow me 5 minutes to sip my drink of choice, in peace. Here they are for you to try out on the next sunny day:

Coloured chalk – Flying Tiger £9

I don’t know if it’s just me but give my 3Y old some paper to draw and she will be bored within 5 minutes… give her unlimited space to draw on the ground, walls or fence outside, however, and she is entertained for hours! I recommend you go for a chalk pack with loads of colours to increase the excitement and let the creativity run. Side note, it took me a while to get my husband on board with this one but once he realised how easily it washed off, he was converted. An added tip, use the wash off process as another activity… Get a bucket and sponge and let your little one wash away their creations ready for the next day.


Little girl drawing on wall with chalk

Sensory Play Table - £56 on Sale!

Sensory play is not only entertaining but also hugely beneficial for your babe’s development. A sensory play table makes a great investment and can keep kids engaged for longer periods. You can fill it with various materials like sand, water, rice, or even coloured pasta to provide different textures and experiences. Let them experiment with different instruments for scooping, sieving, shaking and building. You can find affordable options on sale that won't break the bank, and the investment will be well worth it for the various play options it has to keep them entertained year on year.


Teepee – Rex Jungle Teepee £50 on Sale!

A teepee can really transform the smallest of outdoor spaces into a magical hideaway for your babe. Whether they use it as a reading nook, a secret fort, or a pretend camping site, a teepee sparks creativity and endless adventures. If you prefer a budget-friendly option, you can easily create one using a brush pole and a bedsheet. Fill it with pillows, blankets and their cuddly toys and it is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon. For smaller babes they make a great sun shade for play or for the sacred afternoon nap!

Little girl standing in colourful teeppe

Watering Can, Shovel and spade – Kiddly £28

Admittedly I do not have a love of gardening but luckily my husband does! This colourful miniature gardening set has been a great investment for my now 3Y old who has followed him about ‘helping’ and more importantly learning and exploring from the age of 1. If you don’t fancy the help planting your next blooms then when why not set them up a little designated digging area to explore freely. Not only will this keep them engaged, but it's also a great way to teach them about nature and the joy of growing things.


Rock or shell painting – Water colour pallet £3.95 Baker Ross

This is a great one for home or away as it requires a hunt for shells or rocks which can be a great way to get them out on a walk. Once you have your chosen base, set up an outdoor painting station and let your babes get creative with a watercolour palette to transform their treasure into colourful masterpieces. This activity is not only entertaining but also encourages their artistic skills and appreciation for the beauty of nature. I should add, white shells and stones are best with watercolour paint which I like because it’s less messy and washes off easily but you can also go full on acrylic if you dare.


There you have it, 5 easy outdoor play ideas to enjoy with your babes for the rest of the year. All that’s left for you to do is find a suitable garden activity for yourself – whether it’s reclining on a sun lounger, weeding the flower beds or cranking up the BBQ, you will have time for all of them.


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Claire x

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