10 Parenting Podcasts You Need In Your Life

10 Parenting Podcasts You Need In Your Life

As a new parent, navigating the world of parenting can be overwhelming to say the least. Luckily, there are a plethora of information on the topic in virtually every medium that exists. Personally, I reached for podcasts as my go-to knowledge source which felt more light hearted, based on experience rather than ‘methods’ and most importantly – easy to take in, even when exhausted! There are so many parenting podcasts out there that offer guidance, support, and relatable stories that can help make you feel less alone in what can be a bonkers phase of life. If you, like me, enjoy listening to the tales of how others are coping (or not) then here are 10 Parenting Podcasts You Need In Your Life.

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  1. Happy Mum Happy Baby: Hosted by Giovanna Fletcher, a bestselling author, and mother of three (as well as being married to Busted star Tom Fletcher), this podcast features candid conversations with celebrities, experts, and non-celebrity parents about their experiences with parenthood. The show covers a range of topics from childhood memories to birth stories and parenting of all ages.
  2. Made By Mammas: Hosted by TV Presenter & Radio Broadcaster Zoe Hardman and supermum Georgia Dayton. In each episode Zoe and Georgia chat to a famous face or an expert in their field on a host of topics ranging from pregnancy, mental health, sleep, activities to do with little ones, and so much more. The podcast is designed to help mothers navigate the challenges of motherhood while prioritising their own self-care. As well as hearing from guests Zoe & Georgia talk openly about how they navigate their own lives, kids and relationships – there is no holding back.
  3. The Motherkind Podcast: Hosted by the wonderful Zoe Blaskey who is a coach and speaker on modern mothering. Zoe’s mission is to help mothers feel less alone, more resilient, empowered, fulfilled and confident in their mothering journey. In her podcast she speaks with experts from all walks of life covering every topic you can imagine related to parenting. With over 300 timeliness episodes to choose from there is plenty to get into.
  4. Food for Thought: Hosted by Rhiannon Lambert, a registered nutritionist and mother of two, this podcast covers a range of topics related to nutrition, health, and wellness for the whole family through interviews with experts in the fields of nutrition, medicine, and psychology. Specifically for parenting Rhiannon released a mini-series of 8 episodes back in September 2020 all around nutrition & wellbeing pre and post pregnancy, baby nutrition and navigating life with a newborn.
  5. Not Another Mummy Podcast: Hosted by journalist and mother-of-two (twins), Alison Perry, this podcast offers a refreshing take on modern parenting with no holding back. Each episode features interviews with a breadth of inspiring parents who share their experiences of raising children in the digital age. I love this podcast for the array of topics it covered, offering an insight into the challenges others may face in parenting that are so different to my own.
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  6. The Scummy Mummies: Hosted by comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson, this podcast is a hilarious take on the ups and downs of parenting. With irreverent humour, oversharing and relatable stories, this show is perfect for anyone who needs a laugh. It features guest parenting experts, comedians and authors and covers the big issues affecting modern parents today. The podcast has been going for 8 years and with 256 episodes to choose from there is plenty to keep you amused, quite literally.
  7. Parenting Hell: Hosted by comedians and parents Josh Widicome and Rob Beckett, this is probably the most well-known and popular of all parenting podcasts and deservedly so. The podcast is all about the funny side of parenting with a focus on the more challenging aspects of raising children and the day-to-day mayhem that goes alongside it. Rob & Josh both share amusing, often ridiculous stories about their own lives as well as speaking to famous guests on how they are coping. In what can be a very female focussed topic it is refreshing and interesting to hear Rob & Josh talk so openly about parenting and to understand some of the similar and different worries and concerns they face as men.
  8. Dirty Mother Pukka: Hosted by Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka, this podcast offers an unapologetic, intelligent and gritty view on parenting and all the topics that go with it. With a focus on honesty and authenticity, the show covers topics ranging from sex, relationships, employment, family life – and everything in between. Each episode features interviews with experts and other parents, along with plenty of laughs and answers to the questions we all want to know.                                                                 
  9. MAMA STILL GOT IT: Hosted by the model, mother of two and hilarious social media sensation Emma Bunting, this podcast is all about celebrating women and all their quirks. With a focus on body positivity and self-love, the show features interviews with inspiring women who are rocking motherhood and their careers. Each episode offers practical tips and advice on everything from fashion and beauty to mental health, relationships and wellbeing.
  10. The Don’t Buy Her Flowers Podcast: Hosted by the founder of the superb company of the same name, Steph Douglas this is a new one on my list and I am absolutely loving it! Prior to starting the business Steph was a blogger writing about becoming a parent and the impact it had on all areas of her life. The podcast is an extension of this and covers a wealth of topics I can guarantee will help you at every stage of parenting.

So there you have it, 10 fabulous parenting podcasts to delve into. Whether you're a new parent or a seasoned pro, these podcasts offer a wealth of advice, support, and relatable stories that make you feel less alone and keep you marginally sane on the rollercoasting journey of parenting.


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